27th Albatross Interclub 2016

Albatross InterclubAlbatross Diving Club held its 27th annual Interclub Competition on Sunday 19th June, This competition attracts many clubs from all over Southern England and Wales. Albatross had a team of 27 divers in the event, competing from the age of 6 up to 16. With several of these divers competing in their first competition.

The first Albatross diver of the day was Tabitha from our Learn to Dive programme diving in the girls age group 6-7 years old. She held her nerve to put in a consistent set of dives to win the Silver medal.

The next competition was girls 8-9 years with 4 divers competing for Albatross Lauren, Elizabeth, Meah and Daisy. All girls had a good competition with Elizabeth 13th, Meah 5th, Daisy dived well to take the Bronze medal and Lauren gave a strong set of dives to win the Gold medal.

In the boys 8-9 years Xander another young diver from our Learn to Dive Programme, had a steady competition to take 6th place.

One of the largest competitions of the day was Girls 10-11 with 30 entries. There were 5 girls diving for Albatross, Maya, Molly, Natalia, Maddie and Amelia. All girls dived well, finishing with Maddie in 23rd, Amelia 17th, Maya 11th, Molly just missing out on the medals in 4th and Natalia had an excellent competition scoring high marks on all of her dives to win the Silver medal.

In boys 10-11 years Albatross had 3 divers competing, they all dived very well, finished in the following order, Herńan, Aiden and Austin. All 3 boys had a good competition with consistent scoring on all their dives. In a very close contest, finishing with Austin 6th, Aiden 5th and Herńan winning the Bronze medal.

Milly, Tilly, Lucy and Caroline competed in the girls 12-13 years age group which was by far the biggest event of the day with 33 competitors. All 4 girls dived consistently scoring well with all of their dives to finish Milly 4th, Tilly 5th, Lucy 9th and Caroline 33rd.

Boys 12-13 saw Alfie, Adam, James and Zac diving. Alfie had a great competition diving with increased consistency to win the Gold Medal and averaging 30 points for each of his four dives. Adam took the Bronze medal, Zac 4th and James finishing 12th.

Freya was our only diver in the girls 14-15 years. Freya had an extremely good competition scoring almost 40 points with her inward one and half somersault from the 1 metre board to take the Bronze medal.

The penultimate event was the boys 14-15 years with William competing. He had a really good competition scoring high marks and averaging over 30 points for each of his dives to take the Gold medal.

In the final event of the day the girls 16-18 Katie dived. She had her usual steady competition to take the Bronze medal.

At the end of the day Albatross also celebrated winning the Team Trophy for the first time in six years.

Albatross would like to thank Mass Media Design and First South Western Trains for their kind support on the event.