Swim England National Skills Diving Championships 2017

Alfie Cook is National Skills B+ Diving Champion 2017.  Alfie took the title after a convincing win in The Swim England National Skills Diving Championships held at the Olympic Aquatics Centre, London.

Diving in boys B+ Alfie completed a set of dives from the 1m and 3m springboards. Strong required dives and an excellent inward one and a half somersault tuck from 1m (50.60 points)  and forward two and a half somersault tuck from 3m (40.70) ensured Alfie was the convincing winner.  Alfie’s final score was 337 points; over ten points ahead of his nearest rival.

Will Frewin also delivered an excellent performance in the same B+ category to be awarded the bronze medal at the event. A superb inward one and a half somersault tuck on 1m earned Will 47.30 points adding to his final score of 315.10.   Adam Elder scored over 30 points on his inward one and a half somersault tuck on 1m and back dive tuck on 3m finishing 19th (228.45).

Lucy Chambers, Alice France and Tilly Waight were competing in the girls B+ 1m/3m event. Alice was consistent throughout her set finishing in 8th (297.35).  Tilly scored over 30 points on her inward one and a half somersault tuck and newly learnt forward two and a half somersault tuck from 3m to finish 10th  (284.65).  Lucy also competed front two and a half somersaults tuck from 3m scoring an excellent 40.70 points  to finish 20th  (249.00).

Harry Healey (boys C2) was the top scoring Albatross Diver in the boys and girls C/D events. Demonstrating consistent poolside, 1m and 3m skills Harry delivered an excellent set of dives to finish in 4th place with 300.40 points.  In boys C1 Hernan Mosqueda-Jolly finished 5th (292.20) and Aiden Jones was 8th (267.60).  Austin Bradbury finished 9th in boys D2 with an excellent score of 286.25.

Molly Lefever (C2), Maya Peche  and Amelia King (D2) and Meah Thorngate (D1)were all competing in the girls events.  With 32 divers these were large competitions.  Molly delivered a consistent set to finish 19th in girls C2 (267.40).  In D2 Amelia King did especially well on 1m finishing 22nd (266.95) whilst Maya Peche dived consistently well across all three stations to finish in 12th place (292.40). In the younger age group of girls D1 Meah Thorngate shone in her poolside work finishing in a highly creditable 14th place (259.00).