British Diving Talent Games 2017

Lauren Saunders wins Gold at Talent Games!

The Talent Games is a specialised British Diving/Swim England Programme event held in November each year. The games are the mechanism for assessing the ‘talent pool’ of the youngest divers in England and are the ‘Selection Event’ for the English Programmes Zone Talent Squad.

The 2017 event was held in Leeds. Talented divers aged 11 years and under came together from clubs across the country to be assessed across a broad range of gym and pool based activities. The competition covered two days. Day one included  dry-board skills and various gymnastic and athletic tests to demonstrate power, flexibility and strength. Day two involved pool tests on 1m/ 3m springboards and the 5m platform.

Lauren performed exceptionally well in all tests winning gold in the dryland assessment including a first place for her dry board skills. In the pool Lauren won the 1m event and placed 5th overall. The dry and pool scores are combined to determine the overall winner of the games.It was with great pride that Lauren learned she was the 2017 Talent Games Champion.

Based on this performance Lauren has been selected to join British Diving/Swim England Zone Talent Squad which is the first step on the World Class Pathway.

The zone squad complete seven weekend-based diving development camps.  Each camp has a defined technical theme (Hurdle Step, Twisting, Forward and Inward Rotation, Back and Reverse Rotation) that has been established to assist a diver in transition from skills to elite diving over the 18 month period. In addition to the technical themes, the camps will provide a detailed physical diving development programme with a strong focus on acrobatic skills and gymnastic conditioning

Results for girls D events can be found by clicking here.  full results from the talent games are on our results page.