Gavin Brown – Love to Dive

A team of rising stars from Albatross Diving Club travelled to Southampton to compete in The Gavin Brown Diving Competition. The team comprising of Daisy, Maya, Meah, Harry, Lucy, Adam, Alfie and Katie did exceptionally well bringing home four Golds and a Silver medal.

First to dive were Daisy, Maya and Meah in Girls 10-11 age group. In an extremely tight contest Meah put in a consistent set of dives, doing especially well on her 11/2 somersaults dive tuck from the 1 metre board, to finish mid-field in 16th. Daisy and Maya both dived excellently, both scoring a minimum of 7 points from each judge for their inward dive tuck from 1 metre board. In a very tight competition Daisy edged out Maya  to win Gold with Maya taking Silver.

Diving in the boys 12-13 age group was Harry. He had a good competition, scoring highly for his forward dive tuck from the one metre board, to win the second Gold medal of the day for Albatross.

In the boys 14-18 age group Alfie had an exceptional contest scoring an average of 26 points for all of his dives to win the team’s third Gold medal. Adam also had a very good competition scoring highly on his back dive tuck dive from 1 metre to finish in 6th place.

The last competitor of the day was Lucy in the girl’s 14-18 age group. Lucy had a good competition scoring 32 points for her reverse dive tuck off 3 metre to finish the event in first place giving Albatross its 4th Gold medal.

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