Luton Challenge 2017

Lauren Saunders (9) and Charlotte West (17) both shone in Luton bringing home three gold and two silver medals.

Lauren Saunders diving in girls D recorded personal best scores on all boards.  Showing consistency in her required and optional dives Lauren won gold on 3m (166.15); silver on 1m 142.10 and silver on platform (134.85). Meah Thorngate impressed on platform where she won bronze and achieved National age group qualification (131.60).  Meah also showed the results of her hard work to secure 4th place on 1m (112.00) and 3m (125.45).

Charlotte West put in impressive performances in women’s  A+ to win  gold medals on both 1m (205.15) and platform (213.85).  Charlotte finished 4th in the 3m final (221.65). Elizabeth Cullen took a well-deserved 4th place on platform missing out on the bronze medal by little more than a point (175.05). Elizabeth finished 12th on both 1m (146.05) and 3m (160.35).  (Girls A divers competed five dives on all boards)

Ethan Jones, Quinn Shaw, James West and Milly Orgill were all competing in group B events.  The boys’ events saw Albatross fighting for places amongst themselves. Quinn Shaw won bronze on 3m (127.20) with Ethan Jones 4th (118.10) and James West  5th (113.70).  Fortunes were turned on platform where James won bronze (239.20), Ethan was 4th (234.15) and Quinn 5th (230.80).  On 1m James placed 5th (251.70), Ethan 6th (249.90) and Quinn 7th (230.85). Milly Orgill dived consistently across all three boards finishing mid-field at 15th on platform (155.35) and 3m (195.40) and 18th on 1m (187.70)

Finlay Cook finished in the top six in all Men’s A+ events:  4th place on 1m (244.05) and platform (216.05) alongside 6th on 3m (245.00). Billy Minns dived well on 1m to finish 6th (200.40) and 8th on 3m (202.60). Edward Beal placed 6th on platform (114.10).